Christian Liberation Front USA

Christopher Henry (zoekerux777)

We endeavor to practice primitive, pre-credal Christianity, while growing up into Christ in all things... Galatians 1:6-9 ; Ephesians 4:4-15. 

The Christian Liberation Front (USA) is a revolutionary group of New Testament believers commited to bringing glory to the Lord JESUS by actually doing His will and not just talking about it. We are commited to being doers of God's words and not just hearers. We are New Testament law enforcers bent on destroying Satans works and expanding the kingdom of the Creator God... 

 We've been healing the sick, casting out devils and raising the dead since 33AD...  Acts 1:8 ; Mark 16:15-20.

For prayer or to request a meeting contact Reverend Christopher J. Henry by email or phone call or text at 309-838-4482